About Neuromuscular Therapy

                       Neuromuscular therapy addresses:
Ischemia (lack of blood flow to tissues)
Nerve compression/entrapment
Trigger points 
Postural distortion

                        Neuromuscular therapy provides:
Joint pain relief
Increased body flexibility
Increased muscle strength
Improved circulation
Increased range of motion

                        Pain relief or reduction of:
Headaches/TMJ Syndrome**********Neck Pain & Stiffness
Whiplash Injuries               *********Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Injury
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome    *********Tendonitis/Bursitis
Pinched Nerves                 *********Back Pain
Sciatica                            *********Leg/Knee Issues
Ankle Pain                        *********Plantar Fasciitis
                        Also helpful for
Arthritic Conditions**Fibromyalgia**Chronic Pain Syndrome
and other muscular aches & pains.

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